Beyblade is an anime show that lasted from 2001 to 2003 in Japan and from 2002 to 2005 in the United States .The show revolves around Tyson Granger(Takao Kinomiya in the Japanese version),a thirteen-year-old boy who does a sport known as Beyblading,which is based upon the traditional Japanese toys called beigons and his journey to become the world champion.


Tyson Granger(Takao Kinomiya in Original version)He is very kind,honest,and likes to eat.He lives with his Kendo practicing grandfather,Ryu Granger.His Beyblade is Dragoon.His English voice actor is Marlowe Gardiner-Heslin,who also provided the voice of Eddy Largo in Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse.

Kai Hiwatari is a tough yet caring boy at the age of fifteen.He is one of Tyson's friends.He lives with his grandfather,Voltaire Hiwatari who coaches a Beyblading team known as the Demolition Boys.His Beyblade is Dranzer.When he first met Tyson, he was really mean to him,but he later becomes his friend.His English voice actor is David Reale who went on to voice Tsubasa Otori in the English dub of the spin-off,Beyblade:Metal Fusion aka Metal Fight Beyblade.

Ray Kon(Rei Kon in Japan) is a Chinese boy at the age of eighteen.He is the oldest member of the main cast and is another one of Tyson's friends.Ray was formerly a member of the White Tiger Team and grew up in the same village as his girlfriend,Mariah Wong,whom he taught Beyblading, and her brother Lee.He is kind and wise.His Beyblade is Driger.His English voice actor is Daniel DeSanto who also voiced Carlos Ramon in The Magic School Bus and played Jason in the movie Mean Girls with David Reale who plays Kai.

Max Tate(Max Mizuhara) is an American boy who lives with his dad,Taro, and his mother,Judy.His parents haven't been together in a long time and miss each other,but in the manga,they are divorced.He is fourteen years old.He is a former member of the All-Starz Team,and his Beyblade is Draciel.His English voice actor is Gage Knox.

Kenny is a smart,knowledgeable,ten-year-old boy with brown hair with blinding bangs.He carries a laptop around whereever he goes.He didn't blade until G-Revolution,the third season.His Bit-Beast is Dizzi who somehow got sucked up in his laptop.His English voice actor is Alex Hood.

Hilary Tachibana is a girl who really dislikes Tyson.She made her first appearance in the second season of Beyblade,and she doesn't appear in the manga.But she doesn't Beyblade.Her English voice actress is violinist Caitriona Murphy.

Daichi is a seven-year-old boy who first appeared in Beyblade-The Movie:Fierce BattleHis clothes are torn up,and he rarely wears anything else.He is hyperactive and immature,yet he is still cute and funny.He is from the manga and appears in G-Revolution.His Beyblade is Strata-Dragoon.His English voice actress is Mary Long.

Other Characters

Henry-an antagonistic teenager who made his debut in Beyblade:The Movie-Fierce Battle.His English voice actor is Jonathan Potts.

Mariah Wong-Her English voice actress is Julie Lemieux.

Hiro Granger-Tyson's older brother.His English voice actor is Tim Hamaguchi.

Judy Tate-Max's mother.Her English voice actress is Susan Roman who also voiced Sailor Jupiter in Sailor Moon.

Taro Tate-Max's father

Voltaire Hiwatari-Kai's grandfather

Lee Wong-Mariah's brother.His English voice actor is Ted Cole.

Ming-Ming-a magical girl who is both a singer and a Beyblader.She is a member of BEGA.She has two forms.In Queen Form,Ming-Ming is tough and her light blue hair,which is usually kept in pigtails,features odango,and her eyes are fierce.She is also taller This form is for Beyblading.Her Beyblade is Venus.In Loli Form,Ming-Ming is cute and there are usually red roses in her hair.She is also shorter.This form is for singing.Ming-Ming is usually in Loli Form,but when the time comes to battle,she goes into Queen Form.Kenny has an uncontrolable crush on her while Hilary hates her.Her English voice actress is Stephanie/Sugar Beard who also voiced Sailor Mini Moon on "Sailor Moon"

Boris a member of the Demolition Boys.In G-Revolution,he gains control of the Beyblade Association,BBA,and transforms it into BEGA.His English voice actor is Tony Daniels.

Tala Ivanov-another member of the Demolition Boys.His Beyblade is Wolborg.His English voice actor is Jonathan Potts who also plays Henry and Raul.

Brooklyn-a tough Beyblader who gets out of control when the world starts to overlap in darkness in G-Revolution.He usually likes to play with animals.He even owns a pet bird.His Beyblade is Zeus,and his English voice actor is Robert Tinkler who went on to play Gingka in the English dub of Beyblade:Metal Fusion.

Bruce Granger-Tyson's father

Team Psykick-a team of Beybladers from V-Force,the second season of Beyblade.The team consists of Kane,Salima,Goki,Jim,Zeo Zagart,and others.

Zeo Zagart-a robot who is a replica of Dr.Zagart's son who died in a truck accident.He loves to play the violin.He befriended Tyson,but he became evil.His English voice actor is Tim Hamaguchi who also voices Hiro Granger

Ozuma-a cloaked Beyblader who is a member of a team known as the Saint Shields.He starts out bad,but later turns good.

Ryu Granger-Tyson's grandpa.He practices Kendo and tries to get Tyson to learn it.His English voice actor is George Buza.

Mystel-a member of BEGA.He is cheerful and optimistic

Raul and Julia Fernandez-two twins who always Beyblade together.They often do performances that involve Beyblades since they grew up in the circus.Raul is quiet and shy.He has red hair and blue eyes.Julia is nice,but she is very bossy among Raul and stands in spotlight while Raul is in the wings.She has long,duo-toned hair,green.Raul's English voice actor is Jonathan Potts.Julia's voice actresses are Shannon Perrault and Jodi Benson.Jodi Benson played Ariel in The Little Mermaid(1989).

Carlos-a mean boy who appears in the first season of Beyblade.He likes to Beyblade in the streets and destroy the losers' Beyblades.

Andrew-Tyson's friend.His looks are quite exxagerated.He has tan skin,sandy blonde hair,wears basketball clothing,and has big lips.His English voice actors are Lyon Smith and Christopher-Daniel Barnes who also voiced Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid

Billy-a fat boy with a big nose.He appears in the pilot.His English voice actor is Dan-Warry Smith.

DJ Jazzman-the Beyblade announcer

Mr.Dickenson-the Beyblade manager.


Season 1

Tyson,Kai,Ray,Max,and Kenny form a team called the Bladebreakers and travel the world,ready to become the world champions.

Season 2(V-Force)

Later,the team goes their seperate ways.Hilary Tachibana joins the team despite not Beyblading and thinking Beyblade is stupid at first.The Bladebreakers reunite to make good guys out of the naught Saint Shields.They also defeat the evil brother-sister team of Beybladers named King and Queen.Later,they help Team Psykick snap out of their brainwashed trances that Dr.Zagart has put on them.

Season 3(G-Revolution)

After all that,a Tag-Team Beyblading event occurs,and Kai,Ray,and Max leave the team.Daichi,a cocky chibi,and Hiro,Tyson's brother,join the team.Boris makes a new system of Beyblading:the Hard Metal System,which is used in Beyblade:Metal Fusion.The Bladebreakers also try to teach the team Barthez Battalion that cheating is wrong.Unfortunately,Boris takes over BBA and turns it into BEGA because he wants Beyblade to be a professional sport.The world starts to overlap in darkness.Dragoon absorbs power from other Bit-Beasts and transforms into the most powerful Bit-Beast in the world.Tyson is world champion once more,and BBA is back in business.

Beyblade Notes

Nelvana owns the English dub of Beyblade.Miramax distributed the English dub of Beyblade:The Movie-Fierce Batttle(aka Beyblade:Fierce Battle).

The original slogan for Beyblade was "GO SHOOT!" The dub changed it to "LET IT RIP!"

The show used to air on Jetix and will air on Qubo in the future as part of the daytime lineup.

There has been a spin-off of the anime called Beyblade:Metal Fusion.A new Beyblade anime,Beyblade:Shogun Steel debuted in 2012.

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