• PBS Kids! Fan

    I do not care for that STUPID GAME! I can't belive THE..STAMPY...CAT can even stand it! Petra has no pants! EW! Also she's always like this: "Take that back! Take that back!" and she only cares about friends instead of the MOST IMPORTANT THING: the amulet! Jesse goes and saves the amulet instead of helping friends and she yells, "What were you thinking? You don't just go off saving that STUPID 'trinket' instead of helping friends!" Stupid is a bad word. Also AN IMPORTANT AMULET is not a trinket. And she pushes her BEST FRIEND!!!!!!! Plus, I can't stand her TERRIFYING voice. She sounds like a boy. Plus, BANDANAS WERE NEVER MEANT TO WEAR ON YOUR HEAD, just tied around your neck. Petra does the COMPLETE OPPISITE. She always wears this dumb b…

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