This Time of Debow of Denver Colorado of NYC TV Network of Channel 41.2

10:00pm Archie's Weried Mysteries

10:30pm Archie's Weried Mysteries

11:00pm Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Country

11:30pm Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Country

12:00am Bill Nye the Science Guy

12:30am Bill Nye the Science Guy

1:00am Fishtronaut

1:30am Fishtronaut

2:00am Doki

2:30am Doki

3:00am Louie and Whyette

3:30am Louie and Whyette

4:00am This is Emily Yeung

4:30am This is Emily Yeung

5:00am McDonald's Farm

5:30am McDonald's Farm

6:00am Timothy Goes to School

6:30am Timothy Goes to School

7:00am PB&J Otter

7:30am PB&J Otter

8:00am Bali

8:30am Bali

9:00am Turbo Dogs

9:30am Turbo Dogs

10:00am Making Fiends

10:30am Making Fiends

11:00am Taste Buds

11:30am Taste Buds

12:00pm Chloe's Closet

12:30pm Chloe's Closet

1:00pm G I Joe:Segma6

1:30pm G I Joe:Segma6

2:00pm 6Teen

2:30pm 6Teen

3:00pm Harrold and the Purple Crayon

3:30pm Harrold and the Purple Crayon

4:00pm Hey Arnold

4:30pm Hey Arnold

5:00pm SciGirls

5:30pm SciGirls

6:00pm Babar

6:30pm Babar

7:00pm Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat

7:30pm Sagwa the Chinese SImaese Cat

8:00pm The GhostBusters

8:30pm The GhostBusters

9:00pm Dragonfly TV

9:30pm Dragonfly TV

KXPH-TV Denver Colorado

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