Pokemon(Pocket Monsters in Japan) is an anime based on the Pokemon franchise.It began in 1997 and has aired ever since. Seasons 1 to 8 were dubbed by 4Kids. The rest of the anime up to the present is dubbed by TPCI(The Pokemon Company International). 

Ash Ketchum is a teenage boy who has been travelling Pokemon Universe with his Pikachu ever since he was ten.He has been accompanied by trainers like Misty,Brock,Tracey,May and Max,Dawn,Iris,Cilan,and today,he is travelling Kalos with Serena,Clemont,and Bonnie.

Ash's aging

Indigo League(season 1)-10-11

Adventures on the Orange Islands(season 2)-11

Master Quest(season 5)-12

Advanced Battle(season 8)-13

Battle Frontier(season 9)-14

Sinnoh League Victors(season 13)-15

Adventures in Unova(season 16)-16

Ash has a light complexion, pale lips, spiky,jet black hair, and brown eyes. He always wears a baseball cap and fingerless gloves with his outfits. In Kanto, Orange Islands, and Johto, Ash wore a black tee, a blue vest with colorful trimmings, green,fingerless gloves on his hands, light blue jeans, and black and white tennis shoes on his feet. His cap is red with a white front and a green "L" on it. In Hoenn, Ash wore a blue and white shirt with a semi-Pokeball design,a white hoods,and black sleeves,black,fingerless gloves with green trimming,and blue sneakers.He retains his jeans,and his cap is red with a black front with a green Pokeball print on it. In Sinnoh, Ash wore a white tee,a black vest with a gold,zig-zag stripe,light blue military pants,red and blue sneakers,and a cap like his Hoenn cap but with a blue Pokeball print.He retains his Hoenn gloves. In Unova, Ash wore a light blue tee,a blue and white,hooded vest,fingerless gloves like his Hoenn and Sinnoh gloves but with red trimming,grey military pants,red and black,high-topped sneakers,and a red cap with a white front and a blue Pokeball print. In Kalos, Ash wears a black tee,a blue vest with white trimming, grey pants, red and black sneakers, and a cap that is identical to Red's(Red is from the Pokemon games). He retains his Unova gloves.

Ash's English voice actors are Veronica Taylor and Sarah Natochenny. Ash is currently a teenager and is soon to be an adult, so he should have a male voice actor by now.

Ash's friends

Misty has a crush on Ash.She is the first girl to travel with Ash.She has a Togepi and is a water Pokemon trainer.She is ten at the beginning of the show,and she turns 14 in Battle Frontier(season 9).She is the youngest of the Cerulean Gym Leaders,the Sensational Sisters(Daisy,Violet,and Lily).She is scared of bugs. She loves swimming and can occasionally turn into a mermaid. She does this in "The Misty Mermaid" from Indigo League and in "Cerulean Blues" in Pokemon Chronicles, the anime's spin-off. She also was in mermaid form in another Pokemon Chronicles episode,"Luvdisc is a Many Splendored Thing," but not for real, only in Daisy's fantasy of the new play she and her sisters are doing.She has long,orange hair in a side ponytail,blue eyes,and usually wears a top,daisy duke overalls,and sneakers. In mermaid form, her hair is let down and adorned with pearls, and she wears red earrings, a purple necklace, and a pink seashell bra. Her tail is mint green with a yellow star on it. Her English voice actresses are Rachel Lillis and Michele Knotz.

Gary Oak is Ash's rival up until season 9.He heard of Ash wanting to be a Pokemon Master and was mean to him at first.Later,he decided to be Pokemon professor like his grandfather,Prof.Oak.He is 13 at the beginning of the show and 18 in Diamond and Pearl.He has spiky,dark brown hair and brown eyes.He is often ahead of Ash when it comes to journeys. His English voice actor is Jimmy Zoppi.

Brock Pewter is a man who is the oldest of the ten Pewter Gym Leaders.He is a talented cook and is caring to Pokemon. He is crazy for girls, and his goal is to find a girlfriend. He traveled with Ash all the time up until season 13. He appeared occasionally in season 2.He is 15 at the beginning of the show and is 21 today. Brock has dark skin,dark brown hair,and shut eyes. His English voice actors are Eric Stuart and Bill Rogers.

May Maple is a twelve-year-old girl who replaces Misty as Ash's female companion during the Advanced Generation(seasons 6-9).She has to carry her 7-year-old brother, Max, with her.She has a romantic relationshop with her rival,Drew,while she sees another man,Harley Pukeman,as an enemy(He's pure evil anyway). May has a thing for beautiful and cute Pokemon. She has brown hair,a red bandana,and wears red. Her English voice actresses are Veronica Taylor and Michele Knotz.

Dawn Berlitz is a beautiful, 14-year-old girl who replaces May as Ash's female companion during the Diamond and Pearl arc(seasons 10-13).She is a Pokemon coordinator and likes to keep in fashion. She is very optimistic, and whenever there's a time to worry,she says,"No Need to Worry!" She has long, navy blue hair and wears a winter hat, a pink and purple dress,pink snow boots,and lip gloss. Her English voice actress is Emily Jenness.

Iris Wildberry is a spunky,wild girl who was born in a Unovan village where many dragon Pokemon live. She is thirteen years old. She owns an Axew who travels in her long, purple hair. She is first main character to have dark skin since Brock. She replaces Dawn as Ash's female companion during the Best Wishes!/Black and White arc(seasons 14-16).She is destined to become a Dragon Mistress,which was kept a secret at first. Iris has brown eyes and wears a pale yellow and pink outfit with accompanying sneakers. Her English voice actress is Eileen Stevens.

Cilan Trident is a kind, elegant, humourous, intelligent, handsome eighteen-year-old Gym Leader who accompanies Ash and Iris throughout Unova, replacing Brock. He has a light complexion,light green hair, emerald green eyes, and wears a tuxedo with brown dress shoes and a green bowtie. Cilan is talented connoissuer who is good at cooking, solving puzzles, singing, dancing, and screaming like crazy. He is Iris's love interest, and somewhere in the anime, they shared a kiss. His English voice actor is Jason Griffith.

Serena Pallet is a fifteen-year-old girl who is very gentle and sweet. She is a trainer who is also from Pallet Town just like Ash, and the two had been friends during childhood. Serena has a crush on Ash because she's always blushing and love hearts pop up, but what will happen to poor Misty? She has long, light brown hair, a red hat, a red outfit, and lip gloss. She has blue eyes and a light complexion. Her English voice actress is Haven Paschall.

Clemont Harrison is a fourteen-year-old, blonde-haired boy with glasses who is Gym Leader. He is very smart and kind and always carries his six-year-old sister, Bonnie with him. He is the current replacement for Cilan who is with Iris in Johto. He has a pale complexion,blue eyes, and wears a blue outfit.

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