Debow TV Schedule (Mondays - Tuedays - Wednesdays - Thursdays - Fridays)

6:00am McDonald's Farm

6:30am McDonald's Farm

7:00am Fishtronaut

7:30am Fishtronaut

8:00am Doki

8:30am Doki

9:00am Turbo Dogs

9:30am Turbo Dogs

10:00am Monster Truck Adventures

10:30am Monster Truck Adventures

11:00am Bali

11:30am Bali

12:00pm Timothy Goes to School

12:30pm Timothy Goes to School

1:00pm PB&J Otter

1:30pm PB&J Otter

2:00pm Driver Dan's Story Train

2:30pm Driver Dan's Story Train

3:00pm Taste Buds

3:30pm Taste Buds

4:00pm Chloe's Closet

4:30pm Chloe's Closet

5:00pm G I Joe: Segma6

5:30pm G I Joe: Segma6

6:00pm Harrold and the Purple Crayon

6:30pm Harrold and the Purple Crayon

7:00pm 6Teen

7:30pm 6Teen

8:00pm Sumber Six

8:30pm Sumber Six

9:00pm Arching Animals

9:30pm Arching Animals

10:00pm America's Funniest Home Videos

10:30pm America's Funniest Home Videos

11:00pm This is Emily Yeung

11:30pm This is Emily Yeung

12:00am Dragonfly TV

12:30am Dragonfly TV

1:00am Hey Arnold

1:30am Hey Arnold

2:00am SciGirls

2:30am SciGirls

3:00am Rocket Power

3:30am Rocket Power

4:00am Bill Nye the Science Guy

4:30am Bill Nye the Science Guy

5:00am Babar

5:30am Babar

(Saturdays - Sundays)

6:00am Driver Dan's Story Train

6:30am Driver Dan's Story Train

7:00am Guess With Jess

7:30am Guess With Jess

8:00am Nature Cat

8:30am Nature Cat

9:00am Joe & Jack

9:30am Joe & Jack

10:00am Gofrette

10:30am Gofrette

11:00am Adventures of the Little Koala

11:30am Adventures of the Little Koala

12:00pm George Strinks

12:30pm George Strinks

1:00pm Miss BG

1:30pm Miss BG

2:00pm Littlest Pet Shop

2:30pm Littlest Pet Shop

3:00pm The New Adventures of Peter Rabbit

3:30pm The New Adventures of Peter Rabbit

4:00pm The Mysteries of Afried Hedghog

4:30pm The Mysteries of Afried Hedghog

5:00pm Animal Mechancals

5:30pm Animal Mechancals

6:00pm Jakers

6:30pm Jakers

7:00pm Guess With Jess

7:30pm Guess With Jess

8:00pm Pee Pee's Longtrucking

8:30pm Pee Pee's Longtrucking

9:00pm El Tigre

9:30pm El Tigre

10:00pm Transformers

10:30pm Transformers

11:00pm Madeline

11:30pm Madeline

12:00am Arching Animals

12:30am Arching Animals

1:00am Littlest Pet Shop

1:30am Littlest Pet Shop

2:00am Sumber Six

2:30am Sumber Six

3:00am Maggie and the Ferocious Beast

3:30am Maggie and the Ferocious Beast

4:00am The GhostBusters

4:30am The GhostBusters

5:00am America's Funniest Home Videos

5:30am America's Funniest Home Videos

Debow Kids Corner

Every Wednesdays

7:00am Gofrette

7:30pm Gofrette

Every Thursdays

7:00pm Driver Dan's Story Train

7:30pm Driver Dan's Story Train

Every Fridays

7:00pm Turbo Dogs

7:30pm Turbo Dogs

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