Weekdays on March 26th: (Smaller or Bigger) Edit

06:00AM Timothy Goes to School (replaces Rupert)

07:00AM Joe and Jack (replaces Timothy Goes to School)

08:00AM Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs (replaces Mickey's Farm)

09:00AM Wibbly Pig (replaces Raggs)

10:00AM Chirp (replaces Joe and Jack)

11:00AM ToddWorld (Staying Timeslot)

12:00PM Monkey See Monkey Do (NEW SHOW; replaces Wibbly Pig)

01:00PM Fishtronaut (replaces Chirp)

02:00PM George and Martha (replaces Fishtronaut)

03:00PM Raggs (replaces Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs)

04:00PM Doki (replaces George and Martha)

05:00PM Mickey's Farm (replaces Doki)

06:00PM Rupert (replaces This is Daniel Cook)

07:00PM This is Daniel Cook. (replaces Thomas Edison's Secret Lab)

08:00PM Sandra, The Fairytale Detective (replaces Secret Millionaires Club)

09:00PM Nutri Ventures (replaces Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego)

10:00PM Ned's Newt (replaces Animal Atlas)

11:00PM Scaredy Squirrel (replaces Safari Tracks)

12:00AM Sidekick (replaces Zoo Clues)

01:00AM Pet Alien (replaces Animal Science)

02:00AM Archie's Weird Mysteries (Staying Timeslot)

03:00AM Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego (replaces Sidekick)

04:00AM Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century (replaces Pet Alien)

05:00AM Denver, The Last Dinosaur (replaces Class of the Titans)

Saturday on March 31st: (Smaller or Bigger) Edit

06:00AM The Busy World of Richard Scarry

10:00AM Animal Atlas

02:00PM Safari Tracks

06:00PM Look Kool

10:00PM Giver

02:00AM Grossology

Sunday on April 1st: (Smaller or Bigger) Edit

06:00AM Dive Olly Dive!

10:00AM Animal Science

02:00PM Zoo Clues

06:00PM Stella and Sam

10:00PM Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks

02:00AM Grossology

Three Things (NEW, BACK, GONE) Edit


  • Thomas Edison's Secret Lab
  • Secret Millionaires Club
  • Class of the Titans
  • Artzooka!
  • Babar
  • Being Ian
  • The Choo Choo Bob Show
  • Stickin' Around


  • Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century


  • Monkey See Monkey Do
  • Stella and Sam