Sailor Moon is an magical girl anime and manga that ran in Japan from 1992-1997,and in America,from 1995-2000.It is the sequel to Naoko Takeuchi's manga Codename:Sailor V,which is about Sailor Venus.The final season,Sailor Stars,was the only season of Sailor Moon to be left undubbed.

The plot deals with a 14-year-old girl with long,blonde pigtails accompanied by odango, and by the name of Usagi Tsukino(Serena in the dub), who meets a talking cat named Luna. Luna tells the girl that she is Sailor Moon and must go on a quest to find the Moon Princess while fighting bad guys. Later in both the manga and the anime,Usagi realizes that she is Moon Princess,Princess Serenity.Her mother,Queen Serenity,sent her to Earth to be reborn as a way of protecting her.

The villains that Sailor Moon has fought are the following:The Dark Kingdom,The Black Moon Clan,The Death Busters,The Dead Moon Circus,and Shadow Galactica.

Sailor Moon's transformation command has changed throughout the series.

The commands in the anime are

"Moon Prism Power!"

"Moon Crystal Power Make Up!"

"Moon Cosmic Power!"

"Crisis Make Up!"-This makes Sailor Moon become Super Sailor Moon

"Moon Crisis Make Up!"-This lets Usagi/Serena transform into Super Sailor Moon directly and is shared with her future daughter,Chibiusa/Rini.This is known as "Moon Crisis Power!" in the dub.

"Moon Eternal Make Up!"-This lets Usagi transform into Eternal Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon has undergone two alternate versions of her transformation.When she finds the Holy Grail,she becomes Super Sailor Moon,and when defeating the beautiful but evil ruler of the Dead Moon,Queen Nehellenia,she becomes Eternal Sailor Moon.

Usagi has blonde,Rapunzel-length hair worn in pigtails and wears a sailor dress and red boots/She also has a tiara which is omitted when Usagi becomes Eternal Sailor Moon.She is usually accompanied by other powerful people,including Sailor Mercury(Ami/Amy Mizuno),Sailor Venus(Minako Aino),Sailor Mars(Rei/Ray Hino),Sailor Jupiter(Makoto/Lita Kino),Sailor Neptune(Michiru/Michelle Kaioh),Sailor Pluto(Setsuna/Trista Meio),Sailor Saturn(Hotaru Tamoe),Sailor Uranus(Haruka/Amara Tenoh),Sailor Mini Moon(Chibiusa/Rini),Tuxedo Mask(Sailor Moon's boyfriend aka Mamoru Chiba(Darien Shields in the dub)),and the three cats(Artemis,Diana,and Luna).

English dub Voice cast

Serena/Sailor Moon-Tracey Moore(DiC),Terri Hawkes(DiC,movies),Linda Ballyntine(Cloverway)

Amy/Sailor Mercury-Karen Bernstein(DiC,movies),Liza Balkan(Cloverway)

Ray/Sailor Mars-Katie Griffin(DiC,Cloverway,movies),Emilie Barlow(DiC)

Lita/Sailor Jupiter-Susan Roman

Mina/Sailor Venus-Stephanie Morganstern(DiC,movies),Emilie Barlow(Cloverway)

Rini/Sailor Mini Moon-Tracy Hoyt(DiC,movies),Stephanie Beard(Cloverway)

Darien/Tuxedo Mask-Rino Romano(DiC),Toby Proctor(DiC),Vince Corazza(DiC,Cloverway,Movies)

Hotaru/Sailor Saturn-Jennifer Gould

Trista/Sailor Pluto-Sabrina Grdevich(DiC,movies),Susan Aceron(Cloverway)

Amara/Sailor Uranus-Sarah LeFleur

Michelle/Sailor Neptune-Barbara Radecki

Luna-Jill Frappier

Artemis-Ron Rubin

Diana-Loretta Jafelice,Naomi Emmerson

Queen Beryl-Naz Edwards,Jill Frappier

Molly-Mary Long

Melvin-Roland Parliament

Andrew the Game Guy-Colin O'Meara(DiC),Joel Freeney(Cloverway)

The theme song to Sailor Moon in Japan is a love theme,but in the English dub,it had the same melody,but totally different lyrics,making it a superhero theme instead of a love theme.

In 2013,a new Sailor Moon anime will be airing,but has been delayed to December.Sailor Moon used to air on ABC and Cartoon Network.It will air on Qubo in the near future if Qubo asks permission from the creator of Sailor Moon,Naoko Takeuchi.

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