Tai Chi Chasers is an anime that used to air on Toonzai.It will air on Qubo in the future.It is about a red-haired teenager named Rai.He is to find all the missing Tai Chi cards and become the champion of the Tai Chi Chasers.Rai is a member of the Tigeroid tribe,which he discovers at the beginning of the show.The English dub of seasons 1 and 2 are owned by 4Kids Entertainment.Season 3 remains undubbed. 

The other Chasers include Sena(the chick),Finn(the long-haired pretty boy),Tori(the little one),Janha(the big guy),and Hak the Cat.

Rai's original English voice actor was Bella Hudson.

An anime movie will accompany the show in the future.It will be based on the ballet Swan Lake.In the movie,Rai is the Tigeroid prince who falls in love with a princess named Odette(Anne Hathaway) who has been put under a spell by a mad sorcerer named Rophbart that will maek her human at day and Swanoid at night.The spell can only be broken by a romantic kiss on the lips from a man who truly loves her.

The movie will contain score from the ballet and have singing and dancing.

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